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  • Title: Skin Immune Mechanisms in Health and Disease
  • Author: Barbara S. Baker
  • Category: Medical > Immunology
  • ISBN: 0955160308
  • Pages: 328 (paperback)
  • Illustrations: 44 figures, 18 colour
  • Publication date: March 2006
  • Price: £35.99 £26.99
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Skin Immune Mechanisms in Health and Disease

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Normal, healthy skin is a complex immunological organ whose major function is to protect the body from environmental insults. Skin Immune Mechanisms in Health and Disease describes the immune mechanisms used by normal skin, and examines the immunopathogenesis of inflammatory skin diseases that result from defects that occur in this protective strategy. In Part I, the cellular and humoral components of the skin immune system are described, followed in Part II by an overview of innate and acquired skin immune responses. In Part III, the immunopathogenesis of various inflammatory skin diseases (eg. urticaria, pemphigus, SLE, atopic dermatitis) representing each of the four types of hypersensitivity responses are presented.

Each topic includes the latest research findings, is clearly illustrated and well referenced. This book is an invaluable reference for clinical dermatologists, both established and in training, and researchers in the fields of immunology and dermatology.



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