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  • Title: Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Companion: SCWCD Java EE 5 (Exams 310-083 and 310-084)
  • Author: Charles Lyons
  • Category: Computer Science > Java > Java EE Web
  • ISBN: 0955160316
  • Pages: 640 (paperback)
  • Publication date: July 2006
  • Price: OUT OF PRINT

This title has been replaced by a Second Edition

Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Companion

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This book is a study guide for any candidate preparing for the new Java EE 5 version of the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam (310-083 and upgrade 310-084). It contains the theory behind why the Web container operates as it does, and important notes, hints and tips on the types of ‘trick’ questions to look for in the exam. By combining logical and easy-to-follow discussions with clear visual aids and diagrams, you will learn how the container works, and, by the end of the book, you'll be wondering why servlets, JSPs and tag libraries seemed so complicated before. By combining the theory taught in this book with practical experience, you will not only succeed in passing the exam, but will do so confident that you are able to solve problems and draw-up solutions ‘on the job’.

Reference Material

Have you ever found that you couldn't quite remember the names of the XML elements or attributes in the Deployment Descriptor or Tag Library Descriptor, or perhaps you've had problems recalling custom tag life cycles? Not a problem! Helpful visual diagrams show ‘at a glance’ the important schemas, without having to resort to knowing the XML Schema or DTD languages, as used in the specifications.

Who is this book suitable for?

This guide is not intended as a beginner's book. It assumes prior, although basic, knowledge of Java EE, the Web container and the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) core syntax. However, the thorough explanations presented in this book give excellent grounding in the subject, and a well-versed beginner or a quick-learner might be able to pick up sufficient knowledge of the Web container to actually pass the exam (no guarantees)! In addition, particular attention is devoted to the subjects of the Expression Language and custom tag libraries, both of which are new or have been significantly updated in the 1.4 version of the J2EE platform. No knowledge of either of these more difficult topics is assumed.

Additional Chapters

The two additional chapters present a summary of all the new features available in Java EE 5.0 (which are all non-examinable as the SCWCD 5 exam covers only J2EE 1.4 objectives), including the platform's change of name! These are suitable for anyone already working confidently with J2EE 1.4.


The following are extracts from published reviews or readers' comments:

... SCWCD Study Companion is certainly the best book on the market for those last few times you need to skim through everything the day leading up to the exam...

... Each chapter ends with some superb questions, about 15 or so... The questions truly help enforce what important points you should remember from the chapter and what silly (though important) tricks to look out for in the exam...

... It comes with a companion of its own: an online mock exam (also available for purchase separately)... it feels just like a real Sun exam...

... The Study Companion makes a better reference book, a better book for subsequent reads, and is much easier to transport between work and home [than a similar title].

Rating: 9/10

Marc Peabody, Java Ranch (Read Full Review)

... I wouldn't have been able to score a 90+ score seriously speaking without this book...

... Charles Lyons has prepared the book with a lot of effort, perfectly scanning up to the API level details and also packaging it with the specification information so compactly that you don't get bored reading it...

... I assure you that reading this book won't make you touch the specifications nor the API documentations at all. Even I didn't!

SCWCD - The 3 Steps to Success by Nitin Pai (Read Full Review)

  1. Very easy on reading - zero noise, wonderful narration and simply explained.
  2. Concepts explained in detail - a handy reference , even after passing the exam.
  3. 3. Chapter on EL,Std. Action, Tag File, Tag deployment and JSP Document - are really good.

... Overall I liked the book very much and I am keeping it for future reference on my shelf. For anyone new to JSP/Servlets and who find [other books] a bit noisy - would find this book as a light breeze...

Shivani Chandna, reader (Read Full Review)

En Français:

Je pense que Charles Lyons a réussi quelque chose de magnifique avec ce livre. J'ai beaucoup aimé son approche, très équilibrée, pour vous expliquer les choses... Mais il va vous l'expliquer simplement, mettant l'accent sur les choses à retenir pour l'examen... Les questions que l'on retrouve dans le livre (il y en a plus de 300) vous donnent une bonne idée de ce qui vous attends à l'examen.

... Il est là pour réviser quelque peu la matière et vous rafraîchir la mémoire sur les points importants pour l'examen.

... Il m'a vraiment beaucoup plus.

... Je lui donne 5 étoiles, car je pense qu'il le mérite vraiment. Et j'espère que vous partagerez également cet avis.

English Translation:

I think that Charles Lyons has made a splendid success with this book. I liked very much its approach, very balanced, to explain things... But it explains simply, accentuating things you need to retain for the exam... The questions that you find in the book (there are more than 300) give you a good idea of what await you in the exam...

... It revises sections of material and refreshes your memory on the important points for the exam.

... It really gave me much more.

... I give him 5 stars, because I really think that it merits it. And I hope that you will share this opinion.

Vincent Brabant, reader (Read Full Review en français)


Table of Contents (336 KB)
Complete table of contents extracted from the book.
Sample Chapter (551 KB)
Chapter 18 extracted from the book.
Download Bundle (50 KB)
A deployable WAR of all code examples found in the book. Source code included. View the "readme" file inside the WAR for full instructions (extract as a JAR or ZIP file).
Errata (175KB PDF, last revised 26th March 2009)
Complete and printable summary of all corrections to the book with additional comments.

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